Design • 6 November, 2020 • 2 min read

Gift Guide Issue 1: How To Gift Feel-good Personalized Prints For The Holidays

Wondering how you can create personalized gifts for loved ones, near and far? Read on for three feel-good ideas for creating and gifting meaningful custom prints, for everyone on your list.

By Edvin Brobeck

Gift a shared memory.

Mapiful makes it easy to frame beautiful moments and make them into gifts that last a lifetime.

Whether its a trip you took together, a night spent under the stars, or your favorite selfie, reconnect with loved ones this holiday season by gifting personal prints of your best shared memories! Show them how much they mean to you.

Pro tip: Text Art Mapiful lets you upload your own photos to create a truly personal print! Combine your favourite photos and meaningful words into a piece of wall art. Step closer to read the words, step back to admire your image!

Text Art Mapiful in Asphalt

Celebrate their achievements.

Gifting your nearest and dearest with tangible reminders of their biggest personal milestones makes for an instant feel-good surprise! 

It’s been a challenging year, but looking back at their proudest and most cherished moments in the form of personal prints is sure to make for an emotional unwrapping on Christmas morning.  

Pro tip: Customize any Mapiful print and let your loved ones look proudly at their biggest achievements for years to come. Whether it’s a Classic Mapiful of their hometown, a Star Mapiful of the night they tied the knot, or even a Zodiac Mapiful to celebrate the birth of a child, there’s something for everyone on your list.

Star Mapiful in Modern

Match their aesthetic.

Our editors let you customize the color, text, style and size of your printed gifts. Match their interior style and aesthetic, and create a personalized piece of wall art that be a true conversation starter.

Pro tip: Create a show-stopping gallery wall out of Classic Mapifuls! Sneakily scope out their space, pick a color theme to perfectly match, and create three prints to compliment.

Classic Mapiful in Humble Pantone

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